Helwig Gender Reveal

Written by Brittany Helwig So in my family I’m known as the creative one… who can’t just keep it simple. So when it comes to sharing news, like pregnancy or baby’s gender, I have some expectations to live up to. If it was up to my husband, Viv, he would just tell them, “Oh by […]

20 Momma Freebies

Who doesn’t like FREE stuff?? I have used and loved most of these deals. Most of the links lead you to the website where you have to give your information before receiving anything free. Have fun and feel free to share any other momma freebies you’ve recently enjoyed! 1| Sling from Seven 2| Breast Pump […]

Hip Baby Names

So after spending months {about 8 to be exact} of searching for the perfect baby name for our little one, we’ve finally chosen! Along the way, we’ve discovered some super cute and sweet baby names, so if you’re in search of one, here are some MY FAVORITES and a few of Peter’s too! Of course […]

10 Pregnancy Must-Haves

10. Moisturizer Keeping your skin moisturized throughout your pregnancy will help with stretch marks. I highly recommend using coconut oil at least twice a day on all areas that will be growing {thighs, bottom, belly, and breasts} 9. Freezer Meals Make freezer meal during your second trimester to help you get through the last few […]