The Honest Truth About Cloth Diapers

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We switched to cloth diapers about 5 months ago. My oldest was 14 months and my youngest was in the womb. For the 14 months prior, we used disposable diapers. So, it has been quite a change! From wrapping up poop and trashing the stinky diaper, to scraping poop and keeping the stinky diaper.

Right now Sawyer’s newborn/ infant diapers are very easy to deal with since her diet is exclusively breastmilk– doesn’t smell and it is water soluble. I know this to be true for breastfed babies, not sure if formula changes these things. Toddler poop on the other hand, is not so pleasant. YUCK!

Yes, cloth diapers are a little more work and yes they can be pretty gross but in the end, the benefit outweighs the stinkiness {{in my opinion}}.

We didn’t really do the switch from disposable to cloth so that we could help the environment {don’t judge}. And we didn’t switch because of how cute they are, but that is a perk. They are really cute and I don’t even have to put little bloomers on the girls when they wear dresses.

We switched mainly to save money.

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Cloth diapers are a bit of an investment at first. We were blessed to have friends shower us with cloth diapers and gift cards before Sawyer was born. But really, the upfront cash you spend on them is really nothing compared to how much you save. Here’s the catch though, you really save if you’re having more than one baby. If you cloth diaper for only one baby you’d probably save a couple hundred bucks after purchasing the cloth diapers. If you cloth diaper for a few babies, well you’ll be saving a lot more than that.

–The way I see it–

Bottom line: Does cloth diapering save you money?


Are they worth it?

YES. It’s really not too bad, especially once you get a little routine down.



  • They’re cute
  • Double as a bloomer
  • Save money
  • Less diaper rashes
  • Chemical free
  • No diaper genie to empty


  • Get rid of the poop yourself
  • Must wash cloth diapers every couple of days
  • Smelly
  • Can be gross
  • Extra laundry

So if you’re looking for a way to save money and you’re okay with dumping doo-doo in the toilet a few times a day & doing an extra load of laundry every couple of days, cloth diapers might just be for you. The extra load of laundry isn’t that big of a deal because there’s not a lot of folding and putting away that needs to be done, and that’s the worst part of doing laundry isn’t it!?

Overall, I think Peter and I are both pleased with our decision to switch to cloth diapers. Can’t remember the last time we had to pay for diapers. I will say, we try to put them in disposables if they’re going into the church nursery or staying with someone.

Check out this informational post I came across with 5 Healthy Reasons to Use Cloth Diapers.


11 thoughts on “The Honest Truth About Cloth Diapers

  1. Hey Molly! Thanks for sharing your experience! I thought about doing cloth diapers to save money, but in the end, its TIME that is the biggest con for me. From the time it takes to snap them, to the time to wash them… right now we appreciate the convenience of disposable diapers. If only there was a way to have it all…. lol.

    • Yes, Brittany, cloth does take up a little more time. There are velcro ones that would probably take less time when putting them on but, there’s still the washing and stuffing. I <3 you Britt!!!

  2. I like that in this post you wrote about the pros and cons, because it seems like all I ever hear from people who cloth diaper are the positive things. 🙂 I know in the long run it would have saved us so much money to cloth diaper… but I just don’t have it in me, lol. Basically for the same reason Brittany mentioned.

  3. I could never get my husband on board to cloth diaper, but I wish we would’ve done it. I’m glad you’re having a good experience with it! All my cloth diapering friends love it!

  4. We did CDs too! you save so much in just not buying disposables it is awesome. We used liners to pick up and toss the poop with and it was great. and, they are totally cute =)

  5. We are done with babies, but I have always wondered about this. I know that we spent a fortune on diapers! Just washing them would save so much more. Plus it seems like they would be good for kids who are always the in between size like Sydney always was.

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