Tips For Getting Out With Two Kids {Babies}

Getting out of the house with 2 kids is a whole new adventure! Especially since I am out numbered. I manage to get out with the kiddos pretty much every day. Harper and I are NOT homebodies and she is not very interested in the TV. So we’re always going on walks, play-dates, story time, meetings friends for coffee or at parks. It’s usually cray cray but I have learned a few tricks , they aren’t rocket science ideas but they work for us.

1. For getting myself dressed I usually do one of two things. I’ll put toddler in her high chair for breakfast and I’ll get dressed while she’s eating. OR I blast music and dance with her while I’m getting dressed. She loves dancing and jumping on the bed, which doesn’t create a mess so I’m fine with that.

2. If I know I have to be somewhere early, I try to prepare the diaper bag the night before.

3. I stock the car. Having a diaper stash in the car is helpful. And I seem to forget my child’s shoes sometimes so I usually leave a pair in the car.

4. I try to have easy-to-grab snacks ready in zip-locks or Tupperware in the fridge. Fruit is an easy one. If I’m running late I usually grab a snack cup and a bag of Cheerios, beans, grapes or something easy like that. Snacks really are a secret weapon when going out.

5. The poopy diaper right before leaving has happened to us so much, so if we have a morning activity I try to change them for the first time right as we are about to leave. That way I know they have fresh bums.

6. Loading them first is very helpful because then both hands are free and I can get whatever else I need without a crying baby or toddler in my arms.

7. I always load the walking one first that way she’s not following me crying and I don’t have to worry about her running in the road.

8. I usually wait until I put them in the car to go to the bathroom- sometimes it’s seriously the first time I’ve peed all day, and it’s nice to have that minute alone.

9. No  matter where I’m going I try to have one of the strollers {double or single} in the trunk along with a carrier to wear the baby if needed.

10. Nurse baby right before leaving so they’re all filled up and you don’t have to worry about feeding them for a few hours.

Please share some tips that work for you and I can add them to my list!

Some of our favorite outings.

IMG_1165Story Time

IMG_1775Shopping Trips


IMG_2440 The Park & Chloe Girl

IMG_2245The Mall


IMG_1729Time with Lincoln <3


Meeting Daddy after work!

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