Top 10 Baby Registry Must Haves!

babyRegistering for baby items as new parents can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. I remember printing out a registry list and feeling SOOO overwhelmed. I kept thinking, Do I really need all this stuff!

Turns out we actually DID use most of it! Throughout my pregnancy with Harper I remember asking friends with children, what the most important things were that I would need. So here’s a top ten list for all you new moms & dads. I have asked a TON of moms to send me a list of their TOP 10 MUST HAVES and these were the top choices among them.

1. Swing

Having some kind of swing can come in handy. Almost every mom included swing on their top 10 list. Swings are VERY helpful in the first few months of baby’s life. For a while we would put Harper in the swing during her “cranky time” at the end of the day, we loved it and she loved it. Some moms shared that they used the swing while doing things around the house, taking showers, or just resting.

The swinging motion helps baby relax and feel calm. There are many types of swings to choose from, and a variety of recommendations. Here are a few choices, but like I said there are many, many more.

Snugabunny Cradle and Swing

Rock N’ Play

4Moms MamaRoo


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2. Noise Machine

Ocean sounds and white noise can be very soothing to baby as they try to fall asleep. A noise machine not only soothes baby but can help block outside noise which is great when having people over, watching a movie or traveling with baby.

3. Quality Breast Pump

If you’re planning on breastfeeding, having a pump is a must. You definitely want to spend the extra money on this. They are expensive but so worth it. Having a breast pump will give Mama a little freedom to enjoy some time without baby, whether it’s lunch with a friend, time at the grocery store or a much needed date with Dada. If you’re going back to work, I’d recommend getting a double pump.

Oh, and a little secret with hands-free bras, DON’T SPEND THE MONEY on one of these! Make one yourself! Just find an old sports bra or even tank top with an attach bra. Cut two small slits for the pump tube to come through and WA-LA. Works just as good as the ones they sell for $30- $40!

Medela breast pump was the most recommended one among my group of friends.


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4. Nursing Cover

Breastfeeding mamas will definitely want one of these for nursing in public. It’ll make you and others feel more comfortable.

5. Boppy

I cannot tell you how much I have used this and STILL use this thing! These come in handy for nursing and bottle feeding parents.
When you’re feeding a baby you’re holding all their weight up which doesn’t seem like a lot but it can really start to hurt your neck and back. Using a boppy gives you a place to rest your arms so this doesn’t happen. There are many other uses for this product as well. Before Harper could sit up on her own I would prop her up on the boppy and she LOVED it!


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6. Bumbo Seat

I was actually really surprised at how many Mamas recommended this seat because Harper didn’t use it very much although it really came in handy a few times as a traveling high chair. But here’s what many many other mommys think;

Bumbo seat is great for many things. Before baby can sit up on his own a Bumbo props him up giving him a new perspective on the world. It’s very easy to take places with you. There is also an attachable tray that can be used it to feed baby.


7. Baby Monitor

We have LOVED having a baby monitor. Having a baby monitor can be reassuring once baby starts sleeping in their own room. It helps new parents feel more comfortable doing things like, taking a nice long showers or enjoying a hot cup of coffee on the porch because you can bring the monitor with you. Having a monitor gives parents a piece of mind!

8. Swaddles and Blankets

This one is a pretty basic need that most parents are aware of, but 80% of the moms put swaddles and or blankets on their top ten list, so I thought I should include them on the list. I don’t think new parents realize how many of these you need!! We had 2 swaddles when Harper was born and I thought that was more than enough. Turns out that both swaddles could be soiled at the same time! I was constantly trying to keep one clean but they get dirty so easily. Babies have so many liquids coming out of multiple places. ha ha ha. So having AT LEAST 4 or 5 is a GREAT idea and will save you some grief!!

9. Play Mat

Even as a newborn tummy time is a very important of building those back muscles. Having a play-mat is great for this! Over the first few months of baby’s life you’ll be surprised at how long they will lay there playing, laughing and staring at all the colors. Harper loved her play mat and it entertained her many hours in a week.


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10. Baby Carrier

A baby carrier like one of these, is a MUST HAVE for sure! These are so nice and easy to use when you’re going shopping or visiting a friends house. It keeps baby close and you don’t have to worry about lugging around a giant car-seat. We have used ours so much! Here are three of the most highly recommended.

Moby Wrap, this one is great if you’re not a hot natured person or if you live in a cool place. Wearing this in Florida on a hot day… UGH! But it is VERY comfortable and cozy.






For some reason we have all three of these, but this last one is the one we have used the most. Baby Bjorn.


4 thoughts on “Top 10 Baby Registry Must Haves!

  1. Dean is almost 3 and I still use my boppy when we are cuddling watching T.V. I also recommend the camera monitor it seriously is the best thing we put money into! They aren’t cheap but they are worth it! We still use it, I sleep better at night when I’m able to just glance over and check on him

    • I agree Vanessa, the video monitor is so amazing! I love being able to see what she’s doing, especially if I wake in the night. It’s comforting to be able to see that they’re safe and not have to get up. =) Love you Cuz!

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