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Cloth diapering. When I first heard these words I immediately resorted the idea to being just a fad. It is the cool thing to do. Then I started seeing these cute little fluffy buns everywhere and I wanted to check it out for myself. Is it really worth it? Yes.TOP 5 REASONSto chooseCLOTH DIAPERS-2

  1. COST

Cloth diapers are significantly cheaper in the long run. We use BumGenius All in One diapers and with 20, we do laundry every other day. Washing these cloth diapers is really not all that hard…check it out HERE. Also, we bought all our diapers at BuyBuy Baby and used the $5 off coupon. Score! They are regularly $17.95, but if you buy them in shifts when you get coupons, they are only $13 a piece. And if you didn’t know, you can use as many coupons as you want in one transaction at BuyBuy Baby. So here are our numbers:

1 BumGenius Cloth Diaper: $13 X 20: $260

2 PlanetWise Wet/Dry Bags: $44

3 Packs of Grovia Cloth Wipes: $33

1 Set of Reusable Diaper Pail Liners: $25

Water for Washing*: $200

Energy for Washing and Drying: $200

Rockin’ Green for Washing: $300

Total for 1st Child: $1062.00

Total for Every Child Thereafter: $700.00

Average Cost of Disposable Diapers (stays the same for each child): $1600.00

So by using cloth you save around $500.00 for your first child and then $900.00 for every child after that. If you have three kids, that is a total savings of $2300.00…pretty significant!



No doubt about it…cloth diapers are WAY better for the environment. It takes 550 years for the disposable diapers thrown away in 1 year in the United States alone to decompose. See HERE. Not only do they take way to long to decompose, they use far too many resources to make. 200,000 trees each year are destroyed in order to manufacture the disposable diapers for the United States alone. Not only this, but the amount of non renewable energy used to make all these disposable diapers is irresponsible to say the least. See HERE.



It makes sense that a soft cloth diaper with zero chemicals in it would be safer for a bum than is a plastic disposable diaper made with chemicals such as dioxin (a carcinogen). See HERE. I am pretty sure my babe’s bum is more sensitive than most, but it definitely made me happy that we chose cloth diapers when we had to use disposable for a day and he got a terrible rash. With cloth, he has had one diaper rash that was so minor, it cleared with an all natural bum cream in three hours. I definitely would want that soft cloth on my bum over a disposable diaper.


Studies have shown that children who use cloth diapers potty train around a year earlier than those who use disposable. Why? Children who use cloth diapers know when they are wet because there is no chemical absorption of the pee or poo. Because of this, babes who use cloth have a much better connection between the sensation to go to the bathroom and the result of being wet. This allows them to recognize quicker that the urge to pee or poo needs to be taken care of in order to not wet their pants. See HERE.

Not only is this convenient, it also cuts down on cost once again. It could mean an entire extra year in disposable diapers! Add another $800 to the cost above. Yikes.



This isn’t really a motivating reason to choose cloth, but it is definitely a little reward. A baby’s bum…those chunky thighs and dimply cheeks…yum! What makes it even better? A bright green soft diaper buttoned up to the belly button. Just look:



There is not a doubt in my mind that cloth diapers are the better option. They are becoming more and more popular for good reason…they are worth it!


  1. I LOVE this. I can not wait to cloth diaper! Good to know that you got them for such a great price too! I was eyeing the bum genius! Was it an easy decision to go with theirs? Thanks for this post! And, LOVE the cute bums! Can’t wait 🙂

    • Hi Caroline!
      I originally authored this post over at Apffel A Day and I am so glad you commented. I chose BumGenius because I had heard from a few friends that they were the best. I have loved BumGenius and they work great…but I was curious to try out some other brands. I am currently collaborating with a few of the top cloth diaper companies to write a review on the available diapers out there. My little one has been trying out all different brands and we are giving them a full month and a half to get an accurate idea of what each kind has to offer. I will have that post on Apffel A Day late July so keep a look out!
      Let me know if you have any other questions!


      p.s. A current favorite of our is the pocket diaper from The Little Bee Company. I love their company because for every diaper purchased, a diaper is donated to a baby in need. They are a part of the review so I will have more details coming soon!

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