Weekly Meal Plan 2

Weekly Meal Plan #2

bacon-butternut-pasta-ck-xAnother weekly meal plan, feel free to share some of your favorite recipes so I can add it to the next meal plan. All of the recipes from this week had a ton of amazing reviews!


This week for breakfast we mostly had– eggs, oatmeal, fruit and frozen waffles. Since I didn’t plan recipes, I didn’t add any breakfast ingredients to the list this week.


Lots of leftovers for this week, besides the grownup grilled cheese. I didn’t think grilled cheese would be a good leftover meal. You could make it as a lunch meal though.

Bacon and Butternut Pasta This recipe was VERY delicious! We shared this one with some friends and it seemed to be a hit. I will say it took a lot of prep so make this one on a night you have spare time, or chop veggies ahead of time. It makes a TON though and it’s tasty so I felt like the work was worth it. *Also, I doubled the bacon serving!! YUMMY!

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Savory Fall Stew

Grownup Grilled Cheese Sandwiches I was worried it wouldn’t taste as good with a different bread but we used a favorite organic bread from Costso and it was still YUMMY!

Sausage Ragu over Creamy Polenta Haven’t had a chance to make this one yet, but had great reviews.

Quick BBQ Chicken Pizzas My husband loves pretty much anything with BBQ so I love making him recipes like this. His one word of advice is to get a good BBQ sauce and not one of the cheaper ones.

Week 2 Grocery List DINNER only


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