Well Balanced Toddler Meals

Since I am always looking for new toddler meal ideas, thought I’d share a few pictures of what my munchkin has enjoyed lately. These are a few healthy, well-balanced meals my toddler LOVES!

I chop most of these foods into bite size pieces, even though they are whole in some photos. Also, portions will differ depending on your baby’s appetite and his age.

Foods that we choose to buy ORGANIC end in a *


DSC_0427{Banana & 1 Cup Steel Oats–mixed with cinnamon, almond butter* & 1tbsp unsweetened applesauce*}

DSC_0607{One Piece of Toast* with Almond Butter*, Banana, Handful of Grapes*}

B1{Zucchini Carrot Bites, Toast*, Banana}

DSC_0844{1 Cup Quinoa mixed with 1/3 cup of berries & 2 Tbsp of unsweetened applesauce}

DSC_0608{1/2 Cup Greek Yogurt* with Cinnamon, 1/2 Avocado, Piece of Toast*, Strawberries*}

{Clementine & an Oatmeal Blueberry Muffin-Recipe, I omit the sugar}

As you can tell my girls looooves her bananas!!


DSC_0590{1/2 Cup of Pasta*, Mozzarella Cheese Stick*, 1/3 Cup of Steamed Carrots*, Few Strawberries*}

L2{Toast Slices*, Steamed Carrots*, Cheese Stick*, Grape Tomatoes*}

DSC_0134{1 Cup Rice Noodles*, Spaghetti Sauce*, Cucumber Slices*}

L1{1/2 Cup Greek Yogurt*–mixed with cinnamon & almond butter*, Strawberries*, Black Beans*}

DSC_0592{1/2 Cup of Pasta*, 1/3 Cup of Steamed Butternut Squash*, 1/2 Cup of Unsweetened Applesauce*, 1/3 Cup Pinto Beans*}

DSC_0821{1 Cup of Quinoa* and Black Beans* with Broccoli*}


DSC_0605 {Cheddar Cheese Slices*, Clementine, 1/2 Cup of Kidney Beans*, Baked Lightly Seasoned Zucchini Slices*, Handful of Grapes*}

DSC_0434{1 Cup of Hawaiian Style Brown Rice*, Broccoli*, Clementine*}

My girl LOVES spaghetti… just like her momma!

Z3{1 Cup Rice Noodles*, Spaghetti Sauce*, Cucumber Slices*, Banana}

Z2{A Slice of Homemade Spinach* & Basil Pizza, Cucumber Slices*, Clementine}

Z1{Veggie Black Bean Casserole, Steamed Green Beans*, 1/2 Gala Apple Slices*)

DSC_0431{Cup Cheesy Brown Rice* or Quinoa*, Mango Bites, Steamed Baby Carrots*}

Although I grouped these meals into lunch and dinner categories, really all lunch and dinner meals could work for either. Hope these gave you some great ideas!!

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  1. Everything looks yummy! You guys eat very similar to the way we eat! Thanks for sharing your meal ideas at Living and Learning With Our New Normal. Please join us again next week!

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