February Family Update: When things do not go your way

When things DO NOT go your way, you have 2 choices.

One: Allow those things to steal your joy as you sulk in your dissatisfaction.


Two:Accept those things, quickly mourn those things then look to Jesus for joy and fulfillment for He is the only true joy giver.


Saturday February 1st we loaded our things in a uhaul with the help of many friends and headed to Orlando for our next adventure. This can be a long story so I’m just going to give you the short version. Picture me talking REAL fast without taking a breath.


We got to Orlando, we had no power or water, my pregnant-mom brain completely forgot that small (HUGE) detail. All utility companies were closed until Monday. Friends who drove all the way from St. Augustine and friends from Orlando we hadn’t seen in years helped us unload our things with no air conditioning, in 80 degree weather and with nowhere to use the restroom!! Everyone worked so hard to beat the sun going down as we started to lose daylight.


Local friends took home all our cold and frozen food so they wouldn’t spoil. We stayed in a hotel for 2 nights, which sounds great, and it was definitely SUCH A BLESSING, but when you have a baby and you’re just itching to get settled before husband starts school on MONDAY it’s less of a vacation hotel stay and more of a let’s survive and try to stay positive hotel stay.


There was the ugh, how did I forget to do the most important thing feeling

The I just want to sleep in something clean but where are our PJs feeling

And then the If I would have remembered then we would be in our new place right now not trying to tiptoe around sleeping Harper at 7:30pm feeling

And Lastly the gosh why am I being such a brat, I’m in a stinking hotel while others sleep on the floor feeling

So Monday finally came and we were so excited to get our utilities working and officially move in, but turns out the utility companies HAVE to HAVE 24 hours notice and there is NO WAY around it! So, we crashed at a friend’s house– what a blessing to have friends open their home up to us with such short notice!!!!

Tuesday night water started dripping from the ceiling of our new rental home. Later a plummer explained that they would need to do some construction leading us to believe that we may not be able to stay in our home while they did so.

Wednesday morning we learned Grandma Young, Peter’s Grandmother, went to be with Jesus.

Found a flight to Tulsa.

Went to be with family.

Celebrated her life.

Peters first time officiating at a funeral and it was such a special thing, not to mention he did a phenomenal job!

Hearing him share the Gospel was such a proud moment as his wife.

On our way home Harper got sick with Fifths Disease which was pretty awful and meant no sleep for any of us for days!

Needless to say, the week following our move was CRAZY, felt like EVERYTHING was going wrong.

 But FINALLY something awakened my heart to the truth of it all. I was full of complaints and frustrations, while missing the most important thing…

Jesus has REDEEMED me! He has conquered death and rescued ME. Rescued ME from the pit of emptiness.

Undeserving, self-centered, unappreciative, grumbling Molly, yet He still loves me and calls me His own while knowing all my crimes against Him.

Zephaniah 3:17

The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.

Christ is risen from the dead

Trampling over death by death

Come awake! Come Awake!

Come and rise up from the dead.

Christ is risen from dead.

We are one with him again.


This song breaks my heart down every time and I guarantee it will do the same for you!


Power, water, internet, clean clothes…. Those are silly needs in comparison to our deep deep need to be put together again by our Creator. To be made whole, to become one again with Him. I will continue to run into His arms. He is the only thing that makes all the trials, rough weeks, and stressful days worth anything.

He alone is ENOUGH.


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