What We Love About 12 Months!

My husband and I have truly enjoyed every stage of our Nugget’s life but in the last couple of weeks and days she has blossomed in a whole new way.

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We take so much delight in her, she is such a blessing to us. She keeps us smiling and laughing each day, we are so incredibly proud and blessed to call her our daughter.

I can only imagine this feeling is just a HINT of what God feels for us, His children. Knowing us before we were even a thought in the minds of our parents, forming us in the womb and being with us EVERY MINUTE of our lives cheering us on and glowing with pride.

Becoming a mother has led me to fall more and more in love with my Creator. What a loving Father He has been to me. So overjoyed that Harper belongs to Him as well. Cannot wait to worship with her one day when she comes to see and understand His great love.


Favorite One Year Old Things My Bug Does

1. She only goes down her new slide HEAD FIRST.


2. She starts clapping any time we say “Yay!”

3. When she gets a balloon from a Publix visit, she WILL NOT LET GO OF IT!! The girl will hold onto it for EVER. She will even eat with one hand and hold the balloon string with the other.

4. She LOVES wearing her sunglasses and will leave them on even when we go inside places. Yup, she’s a DIVA.

5. She barks when she hears a dog barking. (Although her noise sounds more like a yelp/squeal)

6. She dances ANYTIME she hears music… whether it’s coming from our computer, her toys or even a car passing by with loud music… she will bust a move!

7. She says, “tha who” (Thank you) when she hands me something or I hand her something.

8. She says “Uh Uh” instead of “Uh Oh” when something falls or drops.

9. She tries to carry on conversations with me ALL DAY even though I have no clue what’s she’s saying.

10. If she finds a pen lying around she will search the area for some paper to write on. ha ha. I love finding scribbles on my TO-DO Lists!


These are just a SMALL list of our favorite things, but enough about my blue eyed beauty! Tell me about your precious one. What great new things are they doing these days?


4 thoughts on “What We Love About 12 Months!

  1. The title caught my attention because I was just telling my husband the other day that my favorite baby age is 12-16 months. They’re usually mobile, can eat real food, are starting to communicate a lot more, and they are still far away from the terrible two’s. 🙂 I have a 3 year old, a 20 month old, and a 2 month old. Really, each stage has its good and bad to it, but I do agree that 12 months is a great age!

    • Hey Kim! Thanks for stopping by, I LOVE your blog and cannot wait to make freezer meal recipes off of it. I agree, every stage has wonderful things and difficult things. We have loved every stage and it is so fun watching them grow into real people with their own little personalities!

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