Why ME?

harpersmall{My Harper at 2 weeks old. Katie Weber Photography}

It’s 1:30pm, I’m unloading the dryer when suddenly, I hear babbling coming from the other side of the house. Glancing at the clock wondering why she didn’t take a longer nap, I feel the weight of all the things needing to get done.

Feeling burdened by the stack of dishes in the sink, the bills that need to be paid, the counters waiting to be wiped, the lunch I haven’t eaten, the pile of laundry I need to fold— I’m disappointed that I didn’t get more done. The pressure of getting the house ready before our friends arrive for dinner sets in.

I sigh and make a plan to let Bug entertain herself on the floor, while I finish it all. Making my way toward the Snuggle Monster’s room, I cannot help but smile at the sweet noises she is making.

Door opens

Mini head pops up from behind the bumper

The most perfect teeny tiny gummy smile greets me as our eyes meet

Joy fills my heart, overwhelming my soul, gushing out, seeping into all corners of my being.

“You created this perfect perfect being” I tell God.

He knows.

“You alone are worthy of praise.” I say

I picture Him smiling at me in a loving, fatherly way

“Why me?” I ask Him.

“Out of all the people in the whole world, why did you choose me for this perfect little girl? These perfect squishy cheeks, her perfect little voice, her smile that surely outshines the sun.”

Why me? I will never know. There is nothing I have ever done to earn such a gift.

My heart cannot keep up with all the love I feel.

Love for her. Love for her Creator. Love for our Savior.

I cannot even remember what I was so stressed about before. Who even cares. I remember again what actually matters in this life.

I make a new plan, a plan to enjoy.

Forget the floors, the laundry, the chores.

I don’t want this moment of pure joy and love to end. Jesus, Harper, and I. Pure joy.

Thank you my King for such an undeserving gift.

He brings me back to the basics, flushing away all the chaos of life, stripping away the worries that do not matter.

He is Life.

He is Joy.

He is the Lover of our souls.

I see Him in her and I am HOME.

baby walking{Friend Lisa and her little one}

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7 thoughts on “Why ME?

    • Hey Whit, ha ha- I actually thought people might think that, but this is not Harper. It is a picture of one of my friends and her precious daughter! We still have not posted any pictures of Harper on the internet. I am so glad you are enjoying my blog, that’s very encouraging! I love seeing pictures of your little one on FB, she is so cute! Hope you’re doing well!

  1. Molly! Hey it’s Kayla!

    Don’t know if you remember me but I am LOVING these blogs. I tried to get a blog up and running and I just can’t seem to keep it going.

    I do hope to see a photo sweet little Harper soon! I know she is so adorable (what with the great genes and all).

    Hope you’re doing well!

    Love, Kayla

  2. These are so precious! Wonderful encouraging words for mothers of ALL stages!! Even though our family is past the new born stage I still read these and am filled with encouragement, understanding, grace and a loving heart. For both of my children and my Savior! I look forward to reading more !! Congratulations on baby 2!!! It’s gonna be a wonderful journey!!! Tell Peter hello as well!

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