You Know You’re 9 Months Pregnant When…

9monthsFirst of all, if you’re 9 months pregnant and reading this, let me just say CONGRATULATIONS YOU’RE ALMOST THERE!! You can do it, the finish line is sooo close!!! In the meantime, hope you can crack up with me!

You know you’re 9 months pregnant when…

You’ve given up on bending over to pick up things, if you can’t get it with your feet, someone else will just have to pick it up… I will say, toddlers are GREAT for this kind of help.

You only have a few items of clothing that still fit… yup you’ve even outgrown most of your maternity clothes!

Something you once wore as a dress looks great as a shirt.

All your maternity tops have stains right on the belly.

The house is just NEVER clean enough– major nesting mode has kicked in.

Your bladder feels like it might explode even when it’s not holding much!

You can make it to the bathroom in the middle of the night without even opening your eyes- you’ve mastered the sleep-pee.

You wake up thinking, THIS COULD BE THE DAY!

Who needs smooth legs? Shaving is WAY too hard with a basketball in the way.

You get heartburn even from drinking water! ughhhh

Words like uterus, placenta, and vagina are now part of your regular conversations.

Your family and friends now answer the phone by asking, “ARE YOU IN LABOR!?”

Your family and friends answer their phones an return phone calls more quickly because they want to know… “ARE YOU IN LABOR!?”

You’re watching YouTube videos of live births.

Then there are the most wonderful gifts of pregnancy the ones NO ONE wants to talk about…

the snoring

the hemorrhoids

the bladder failure

and the constipation

Oh the joys! ha ha hopefully you’re not experiencing all of these gifts, but if you are, take heart, it’ll be over soon and you’ll be holding a precious baby that was worth it all! So exciting to be in the last month! You can do it Mommas, what a blessing to carry this child while God knits him/her inside of us.


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2 thoughts on “You Know You’re 9 Months Pregnant When…

  1. I’m not pregnant, nor have I ever been bit these made me laugh. Even now I try to pick up things with my feet rather than bending over or moving. I love posts that look for the humor in things 🙂

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